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    I sang almost all of my life and was involved in Music many different ways. A Singer, Musician, Band Leader, Songwriter, Recording Artist and a Music Publisher. I wrote my first song at 11, my last song at 60. Was on Juke Boxes throughout Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. Sang on weekends On The Rem Wall Show/CBS, Concert whenever I could. Dick Patterson was a key player in my encouragement as I grow in Music. I was on contract with Dick's Recording Company for quite a few years. I learned to play the Guitar, Bass, and Piano and am continuing writing. I retired from the traveling and concert scene and after the loss of My first Granddaughter, Lauryn, whom I Cherished Something awoke in me and I started writing and feeling the music again. You see for me being a singer on stage and having experienced the connection between the singer and the Listener I recalled what a Blessing that was to my heart. I raised two Beautiful Daughters, Kristina and Angela whom mean everything to me. I have 7 Grandchildren Love them all. Lauryn. Luke, Blake, Sam, Ben, Linden, and Morgan. Yes, I am So So Blessed. The songs you hear here on Drooble are a reflection of my life's journeys all true to me. I know that I am older now but I still feel the Dream. Thank you all for listening and for your amazing support. Your friend, Kevin j Herman kevinjhermanmusic, Chicago kevinjhermanmusic.com

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 So So Thankfull for The Blessings of My Life's Journeys. Make each day Count. 

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