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    I grew up in the great State of Louisiana, along Red River in the Shreveport area. As a child I song in school plays and all activities calling for that skill. I was appointed class song leader as i approached 8th grade, but rebelled in search of sports. I realized that singing was my sport, and pursued it in church as a solo artist, as well. Singing was expected in my family, for it came from my mother, older sisters, and brothers as well. I soon started to perform in local teen clubs, to my mother's dismay, and received local public acclaim within my city of Shreveport. I continued it in college, until arriving in Los Angeles. I soon hooked up with Michael Bishop, a local legend on the Sun Set Strip in the late 90's, and performed at Pig n Whistle and many other clubs through out Hollywood. At some point I did acting in TV and Film, but always returned to the world of music, and decided to write and record original songs, and it has been such a pleasure and dream come true. My music is registered with BMI.

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