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    Delivering rock 'n roll like it's meant to be: feisty 'n straight to the heart. Hailing from 'Lil Rhody, making merry with spirited originals songs and classic covers styled by the KWB band. Stomping through the rich local music offerings in Providence's 1980's, falling in love with the emotionally raw Punk Rock scene, scars on the ankles from standing too close to 'the pit'. Friends at the University of RI had a band called "That'll Learn Ya!" who played with many of our rock heroes at the time: The Pixies, Replacements, and the Ramones to name a few. K-Dub graduated from groupie to songwriter and started a pop punk band called "Plummet." Plummet's guitar player got catch scratch fever (for real!) and moved away, formed another band called "Randy." Learning guitar to write songs led to recording. Open mics, coffee house gigs, DIY touring until landing with "That'll Learn Ya!" guitarists. What?? Groupie graduates to songwriter? K-Dub's "M-O" is making people smile, dance and be happy for a while...

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