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    Birthname Kebba Cham Born in Oslo, Norway in December 1991, spent most of his young life in West Africa The Gambia. Living with one relative to another with his younger brother from 1999 barely a year after his heart operation being the reason he calls that period "from the table to the jungle". Kebba came back in 2003 with his brother because of family issues in his motherland which happened to be the exact year his love for HipHop started, when his father brought him a cassette tape of the Album Beware Of Dog by Lil Bow wow. As him and his family moved from town to town in the city of Norway he got pulled more and more to music since he had to stop playing basketball and soccer because of a broken ankle. in 2006 he started his journey by the name of "Lil´Kebs" working with local known artists in his neighborhood. In 2008 he changed his name to "K-Cee" standing for "Kebba Cham Energetic Entertainer" and started to focus more on his writing, vocabulary, voice control and most important Flow. from then he has met up with an artist from the U.K and teamed up to work together but as the years went the partnership ended and K-Cee decided to move to another town and work on his music concentrating on his own until he consider himself good enough to pursue his dream of becoming a Rapper. K-Cee has not yet released any sort of Mixtape, EP or Album and is currently not signed to any major or indie label.

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