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    ♠ Based in the Czech Republic, Europe ♠ Singing since childhood in choirs, playing & singing in numerous bands ♠ Composing music, writing lyrics (in various languagues), collaborating with several musicians and producers ♠ A wide variety of genres from the classical music through indie, pop, alternative, country, folk, blues ♠ My sound is being described as silky, soulful, emotional, pure ♠ Influences: baroque music (J.S. Bach); The King´s Singers; Take Six; Peter, Paul and Mary; Queen ♠ album Troufalý PaKt - 2015: 23 jazz, pop, Indie covers ♠ single My Sinful Body - 2017: 2 original songs, available on Spotify ♠ three new albums in process with three producers - original songs