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    Nominated composer for the prestigious “The 2013 Hollywood Music in Media Awards” in the category of classical music (Los Angeles, USA) for the composition “Nona” (“Sounding Images”, realized with cellist Luis Caballero). The album, along with “The Last Man of Fukushima” is nominated as a finalist for the “Premios Martín Códax da Música” awards (2014 and 2015). “Voicing” (part III) composition, realized with singer Mónica de Nut, wins a Silver Award at the “Sapporo International Art Festival – Urban Soundscape Competition 2014” (Sapporo, Japan), from the japanese composer and pianist Ryuichi Sakamoto (member of the legendary “Yellow Magic Orchestra” and soundtrack composer of “Revenant” and “The Last Emperor”). “I think this piece [Voicing, part III] packs the largest impact, and the concept is that of modern art, making it an excellent selection in terms of its appropriateness to SIAF.” – Ryuichi Sakamoto (Guest Director of SIAF 2014). More information: https://karolisbiveinis.com

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