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    KANVASA STUDIOS is a professional media production company operating across numerous media channels dedicated to create and produce Music Videos / Film Shoots and Profile Interactions with dynamic standards and quality according to the trends. Our staffs of Composers, Musicians, Creative Directors and Editors draws on their diverse creative experiences in music industry, film making, and reality shows that connect with audience/ viewers, intellectually, emotionally and musically too. We Support You in…. Scripts | Music Collaboration | Short Film Making | Music Videos | Video Shoots |High End Post Production Kanvasa Studios more focused into production of unplugged music videos in various styles and gharaanas . The uniqueness of our unplugged music productions, retaining the content of original tune and blended with different genres of musical styles to give the song a new sound and perspective. Recreating a high level of musical dynamics rendering both on vocal and instruments wise. We have the expertise of providing complete range of pre-production, production and post-production services Kanvasa Studios is excited to announce the launch of its Music Channel on YouTube Visit kanvasa studios to watch our videos Visit our Face book page: http://www.facebook.com/kanvasa.studios Watch, listen, like and share...!!!

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