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    K.I.N.G is basically an amalgamation of African best talent. Ray Ceeh Musik (vocals), YTL (rapper), Digga (The Karnivor) (rapper/producer) and Steve Stiffler (Design Stylist) makes up the members of the group and all contributing in the success of the group with immense talent. K.I.N.G is a Hip-hop RnB group based Cape Town that emerged in 2015 with four multi- talented members.K.I.N The group went on to drop #100 the track that shook many pillars for the group with quite good response from the industry’s most respected. They then followed all that with banging music video released by Vevo. Within the midst of their track #100 going viral they are busy working on a track titled TURN UP set to be released with a music that matches the tracks quality. The production is also supervised and directed by Brain freeze. For K.I.N.G the year has only just started and they are promising hot tunes to their fans to TURN UP and end up feeling #100. K.I.N.G The MUSIC!!!!!

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