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    Hi, thanks for checking out my music! I'm an LA based singer/songwriter and I've been writing songs since I was 7 years old, first on piano and then on guitar. Originally from the state of Maryland I was encouraged by my Mother, a Broadway performer, to try them out at local coffee houses which I did with continued encouragement from the locals. When I was old enough I advanced to bars and clubs on Wisconsin Ave in DC. From there I moved onto to NYC and started doing the club circuit in some of the more popular venues in the theater district. I finally landed a publishing deal with Famous Music and my first cover was with the Australian pop rock group Air Supply for a song called "I'll Never Get Enough of You," which I co-wrote with Gary Portnoy and Jeanne Napoli. I worked with many up and coming artists and noteworthy songwriters. I'm currently in the studio recording a new body of work and I've just launched a world project involving visionary indie singer/songwriters that write songs of conscience to inspire, uplift and bring messages of peace and hope to the world. If you are interested in knowing more about this project please check out www.whitedoveproject.com. My mission in life is to make a difference through music and hopefully shed some light in a dark and troubled time.

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