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    Well let me say that my name is Joseph d quezada sr ,born Dec. 13 /1988 and I'm honestly trying be a person that's can do everything and anything that ppl say I can't because I'm a person that can ... I'm gonna have a lable called TruCha Records ... Also I'm trying too unit my ppl as in unit with humanity as one ...in the sw land I'm tired of ppl fight ing other states... instead of the jus be as one ... Now I'll let the music express my self as I'm into life as a person that (respects ,1 loyalty) 2family I try not to be fake and I love to in joy life ...comfortable, not trying have worries if my women nor kids kids r gonna get raped or better yet get took en for granted I jus wanna make sure everyone could be safe ... Cops I do not like the way thy so much for them .what I hate most is how they are treating the humanity ...I want even promote charities I'm a very caring person ...I got movie ideas also ,music is my first start. Like ICE CUBE he and the greats are my mentors...

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