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    Joe Real was a DJ during the 70's in Portugal, worked in Austria, Germany and Sweden. The music he played and that made him popular was R'n'B/Funk and Jazz/Swing. Worked for Radio Stations as Program Host and Producer. In 91 formed his first R'n'B band "Funk Yourself". Composed songs that later has been released on two CDs. In 92 released his first 1492-1992 CD, Instrumental Jazz Fusion. This record was composed during the traveling (like Columbus did in 1492) on a Tall Ship from Spain to America in 1992. In 96 opened his own studio and produced his first Platinium CD. It was for Portuguese Pop/Rock Star João Pedro Pais. Next year he createed The Tecnocratas and released a CD. 2002 created the NSO, New Swing Orchestra, playing Swing covers of Pop Hits. The 10 piece Band Played during 4 months at Casino Estoril. He was playing congas. From then to nowhe has been working in production, composing songs for Theatre or Tv shows. Some of his songs has been released in Germany and Japan....

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