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    Jonathan also know as Jayswifa has been a force within hip-hop culture for over 15 years. Growing up in Columbus, Ohio, it was a family atmosphere of creativity that would lead Jay to hip hop. While his mother founded her own dance studio, his father was a dedicated musician, building a recording studio in the house Jay grew up in. Jay would often find himself sneaking into the studio to experiment with his dad's asr-10 sampler, creating his own soulful sound heavily inspired by his churchgoing family. After years of self learning and beat making, Jay would find his footing as one of the founding members of the esteemed rap group, Fly Union. The group toured with Kendrick Lamar, collaborated and traded verses with heavy hitters in the industry like Pusha T and Big Sean, and landed placements in popular media outlets as well as a spot on the NBA 2k14 and NBA 2k19 soundtracks. The group split in 2014, allowing Jay the freedom to pursue a solo music career where he has been able to experiment with his sound more than ever before. Collaborating with local artists while expanding his vast knowledge of music, Jay continuously surprises his audience, merging hip hop beats with funk, soul, electronic, and rock and remaining one of the most unique artists in the midwest region.