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    Hip hop artist Gift was born in Cleveland and began freestyling at an early age of 8. Which started as an outlet for the loss of his mother at the age of 5? In addition to his musical talents, he’s one of the most creative entrepreneurs in the world, personally speaking. His heart string pulling lyrics are more than the award-winning worthy but he maintains his integrity by being the underdog in the underground music scene. He say’s “I went to school and mentored, under one of the greatest songwriters/engineers in my time”. “What would I need a label for right now”? ”Everything thing they can offer me, that I need that is, I can cover myself”. “I prefer the lower amount of overhead”. Personally, I think that’s what helps him be successful in an array of business. Since the loss of his mother, Gift has taken the ultimate sacrifice and disband his life and dedicated it to honor his mother’s name. He says in a heartwarming interview “My mother was the kindest person in the world, and even if she wasn’t, she left a legacy of such”. “I personally feel it’s my duty as a son to honor the queen and make sure her name lives on”. “Her kindness and idealism to pay it to forward lives on”. “Most importantly nowadays, with all these cop killings and confusion in the world, I gotta make a stand before the burden is passed to my son”. When pondering how this guy is just extremely genuine and rare. He informs me, the major reasoning for his go fund me the account was not only to help him build his career but also to provide his pasted mother with a headstone for her grave. I pulled $10 from my pocket and said: “I pry my son develops your integrity”. He answers with a smile and a “thank you”. The gift is working on an EP project called “No Direction” about the development of men, who have unlimited potential but no guidance because of misconstrued conditioning. This album is full of deep lyrical storytelling and a few songs to simply uplift motivation in the youth, and man who feels he is alone. As cheerful, happy, and positive as Gift may seem, one listen to “No Direction” and you will realize how dark Cleveland and Dayton’s streets really get.

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