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    I aim to create state-of-the-heart productions that stand the test of time; think original music with an extended warranty. I'm seeking the shelf-life of denim, not yoghurt; no flavours of the month that last a month. I'm making records here - an archival historical recording of the definitive version of the song. It's as much about archeology as it is about music. In terms of my process, it's pretty simple. I follow only one golden rule - to serve the song and nothing else. Not a particular genre, or sound, or image, or fashion. I let the song dictate everything that follows: the arrangement, the performance, the production, the tempo, lyrics, sound, and the final mix. In this way, I get to be in my own lane, drawing on pop and rock and everything around the edges and in between. In seeking to serve the song, my job is to get out of its way as it blissfully ignores the guardrails of a particular genre. I've never sat down to write a song. Melodies or beats or lyrics - or sometimes all three - pop into my head as I go about life. I record them quickly on my phone and develop them over time. I wish I could take credit for some of the better stuff I've done, but unfortunately, it was the work of someone - or something - else. I think with a painter's perspective and associate sounds with colour, shapes, and time periods, creating audio landscapes, sometimes with bold brush strokes, and other times with exquisite beauty and attention to detail. I hope you enjoy them. JT Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7GoeIkjmODDxJwbudZJrpZ?si=FueIlBOIQpq0QY-4gALKyA&utm_source=copy-link&dl_branch=1 * Mentored by Oscar and Grammy-winning, multi-platinum US producer, Scott Mathews (of Bowie, Brian Wilson, Clapton, Stones, Orbison, Cash, Snoop Dogg, Santana, Beach Boys, Isaak, Satriani, Costello, Morrison fame) * Original songs published in Sir Paul McCartney Ltd catalog * No 1 Pop Chart ReverbNation and N1Music * Top 10 Hip-Hop track Triple J Unearthed * Winner “Rock Song of the Year” (Toronto) * Winner “International EP of the Year” (Toronto) * Finalist Music Oz Awards (Aust) * No 1 GarageBand Charts for “Best Melody” * Finalist Great American Song Contest * Honourable Mention International Song Door * 2nd place “Indie International” Contest