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    The "New South" movement has attracted a lot of attention to the major cities in the southern United States. Austin based Creekmud is a musical element to a much broader cultural movement. John Gomez and Dave Chell formed Creekmud after a late night recording session. "The session wrapped up then we started jamming and John started playing all these songs," recalls Chell. "It must have been close to 2 a.m. and he never repeated anything. I asked him (Gomez) if those were all his tunes and if so we needed to start a band." Former Inner Lights and Slow Motion Rider bassist Chris Cox and multi-instrumentalist Greg Caparis soon joined and the line-up was complete. The four combined their influences to form a sound that was unique, yet familiar. What came as a result is a type of southern music that is loud and aggressive while never venturing too far from the traditional rural musical styles of the south.