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    John Destiny, is a Nigerian-born conspicuously-gifted author, deftly-talented script writer and a professional lethal rapper who lyrical paws are like dinosaurs. Growing up from the eastern Nigeria, he had a relatively long stint into the literary world; doctoring several outstanding articles; both for the local press as well as on digital sites and consequently, winning the African Street Writers’ Competition precisely in March 2013. Over the years, these inherent gifts took a revolutionary path into developing hot inspirational songs with the best flammable bars for all youths and audience. In June 2017, John Destiny joined the HHH gang, popularly known as the Hip-Hop Heads group; an online forum which also includes other gifted rappers like Gave, Gochi, Ten Penny, Xu Mane, 2Bless, Chris Slaw and a few more, to help him shape and positively develop more vigour and momentum on his rap career. On 28th December 2018, at the Akalabo talent hunt carnival organized by the remarkable Chineto Ozigbo Foundation, his maiden singles titled, “Young and Free”, won the Best Song Award in the music category amidst a pool of over fifty other talents in the entertainment industry. He has also performed at various hot sizzling shows, auditions, festivals and several other high-octane events. Having fanned all embers of this remarkable rap gift into burning flames, he’s metaphorically lethal and an A-class rapper with a master muse. In the months of November 2019, John Destiny released his debut studio inspirational album titled, ‘Respiration 2020’, which is currently selling hot over the U.K and across all major digital stores. The stunning album, “Respiration 2020,” shows off his lyrical creativity and versatility while also maintaining his stunning emotive power and an excellent fleet of the best flammable bars.

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 Always Dress up, Show up and Never give up.