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    John-Andrew Quinn, the owner and primary composer of Magic Carpet Music's production music catalog, has roots in a host of musical traditions and encompasses many genres. “The eclectic nature of his music amazes me,” says Los Angeles producer and arranger Doug Scott. “There’s an astonishing range of feels, grooves, melodies and textures.” John-Andrew's musical education began on the East Coast, in the cultural smorgasbord that is New York City, where he was exposed to all kinds of music — rock, classical and jazz, and studied classical piano and composition. He began his performing career leading original rock and jazz-rock bands in the New York City area, and then continued in Southern California through the 1980s. John-Andrew worked with Kenny Loggins’ production team in Santa Barbara in the early 1990s, and then turned his attention and talents more fully on composing and songwriting. In 2012 Magic Carpet Music was created as a music library resource for music supervisors, comprised of many hundreds of original compositions in a very wide range of styles and genres. Screenwriter Tim Dorian comments about the piece “Dawn Rider:" it's an absolutely fantastic composition. This really is something beyond special. I’d want to use it in an upcoming film.” Compositions have been used for videos, ambient music in retail venues, special events and films.

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