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    For booking requests @ universaltalents.com/ @ ov3rblast@gmail.com @ www.littleconcert.com/ Interview for the Rude Boy Magazine US @ rudeboymag.com/john-ov3rblast-exclusive/ Interview for the Skilly Magazine US @ skillyonline.com/john-ov3rblast/ Press kit @www.dropbox.com/s/zucedyohe3ec2g3…T%202016.zip?dl=0 Eclectic artist, producer and music label owner John Ov3rblast is on a mission to deliver Deep Soundscapes For The Mind And The Soul. As the Founder & Owner of SpacealOrbeats, John has been inspired since he was a kid, absorbing his dad’s passion for the likes of Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis. Today, Ov3rblast’s personal soundscape template offers a mesh of ambient cinematic, twisted tech, deep dubby and spacey atmosphere. As a winner in the Traum Dominik Eulberg competition @ Beatport , he continues to work toward gaining critical mass with music designed to challenge the status quo.. - Labels Moonchild Records TriskelTech Recordings Spaceal Orbeats Records Insomniafm Records ?nsomniafm Abstracts Insomniafm Digital Tactical Nuke Records Housearth Records Mac Trax Netlabel Deepindub Netlabel Kosmo Netlabel Progelectech Label Underground Music Records Mistique Digital Mistique Music Balkan Delights Monokrak Netlabel Lovezone Records Blacklight Sessions Cold Tear Records Trapez Ltd KP Recordings Klangschleife Liberty Rhythm Records Perfect Session Records Petroglyph Music Netlabel Elliptical Sun Recordings Young Society Records Dbs Netlabel Axaminer Netlabel Green Snake Records Doppt Zykkler Netlabel Kopoc Label Mystic Carousel Records Deep Electronics Ultraphonic UK Suck House Lovers Circles and Spheres Cerebral Audio Netlabel Sub Label Recordings ØA Records Franco Bolli Wicked Licensing US Deeptakt Records - From his personal label Spaceal Orbeats Records releases several works from the deeper side of the sound from artists around the world .

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