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    Joffery is a true Canadian artist, influenced by not only the greats at home- like Alanis Morissette, Metric and Nelly Furtado- but international sensations like BigBang and 2ne1 from Korea, Gorillaz from Britain, and Stromae from France, to name a few. He's never liked the idea of conforming to just one style, or labels of any kind. He makes his own rules, and the most consistent comment he's received throughout his life is "You definitely beat to your own drum." When it comes to crafting a new sound or looking for different way of conveying a message, Joffery is up to the challenge. He is creativity down to its core, whether it's through his image, singing/rapping style or how he writes a song. Joffery Hollsworth is for the eclectic soul, someone who has heard it all and is ready for a change.

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