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    Joe Basquez is an American songwriter, composer and musician from Austin, TX. He is best known for his work at Origin Systems Inc, specifically, his compositions for the onlne video game, Ultima Online. Other video games include: * A-10 (PC) - music and sound design * Abuse (PC) - music * ATF (PC) - music * Bioforge Missions (PC) - SFX * F-15 (PC) - Music * Fighter Pilot (PC) - music * Longbow II (PC) - music * Prowler (3DO) - SFX and music * Super Wing Commander (3DO) - SFX and music * Ultima Online (PC) - Sound design and music * Ultima Online: The Second Age (PC) - SFX * Ultima Ascension (PC) - Sound design and SFX * Wing Commander III (3DO) - Stream editing * Wing Commander Prophecy (PC) - Sound design * Wing Commander: Secret Ops (PC) - Audio Design * Wing Commander: The Kilrathi Saga (PC) - Remastering . Joe has also worked as a background actor on the set of several movies filmed in Austin. Look for him in "Sin City" as the bartender. He was also in "The Alamo", "A Scanner Darkly" and "The Return".

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 I saw tomorrow yesterday and I'm reliving it today.