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    Commercial, Pop and radio friendly music is well served across all sectors that can capitalize and profit from it's play. While Non Traditional, Avant Garde, or Experimental works are passed on (for fear that it may be alienating to the listener/ consumers palate). Enter xiixlix who aims to employ a fusion of those ingredients that can be taken in bite sized pieces and a nutritious blend. Not every item on the menu is a mix of Sivucca, Bjork, John Coltrane and dj Cali. In fact, much of it is so subtle; one might say "hmm, sounds like lyricized modern dance music by the artist xiixlix? Anyway you cut this beast, it is more about the process/ art than it will ever be about me. However, to quench the thirst and abate the appetite for something different to listen to on a long drive.. I make this music. It's what I'm about.

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