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    Hann3s has always had a niche for music. Hann3s is a distinctive Cape Town, South African based solo artist that is appealing in every single way imaginable. He mixes a powerful message and combines different genres to produce a immaculately pleasant tune. With years of experience in the sound / music industry he knows what will rock and how to produce world renowned entertainment. With his rocker look and pleasant personality both on and off stage, he will not leave the audience disappointed, but rather cheering for more. Hann3s has just released his Debut Afrikaans Rock/Blues Album. Most of the songs have been performed live and were very well received! It is available on most online music stores and physical copies can be order by clicking on the contact us link. Hann3s is currently in the process of recording his debut rock album. A hybrid between Country Rock and Classic Rock. The album should be released in 2016. To get a sneak preview of things to come, you can visit the Gallery / Audio section. Hann3s finds it magical that music can rule and influence your emotions at any time or place. It can bring memories and emotions from the past if a certain song is played. Music rules our lives and are mostly attached to memories. The fact that Hann3s can write a story or message and immortalize it with music notes and instruments, makes it magical and makes you feel that you can create something timeless even if he might not be there anymore.

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