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    Been playing guitar for about 27 years now. Worked on live sound mixing for 9 years at The Airliner Bar near Downtown, Los Angeles. I am a student of sound recording and recently became AVID Pro Tools Certified (Level I) I've been recording with Pro Tools since 1999 (DigiDesign Digi001). I've been living in Los Angeles for most of my life. I lived up in northern California for about 4 years way back until 2001 when I was attending college at Humboldt State University. I currently have 2 Associates degree with another 2 pending. (Humanities, Social & Behavioral Science, Arts & Communications and Natural Science AA/AS) I've been involved with bands and heavy metal music since High school. I, along with a friend, established Metal Invictus in 2011, and also worked with the Vex Arts Center organizing and promoting live music events in the LA music scene. Musical influences include: Slayer, Iron Maiden, The Cult, Danzig, AliceInChains, Rammstein, & Sepultura

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