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    HillnDale is an album from the heart. It was produced by Los Angeles husband & wife duo Joe Napolitano & Jillinda Palmer (J+J) and is full of songs about life, love, loss, and even their pets. They take from their lives and experiences to create soundscapes that tell a story as well as give a friendly nod to the great music of the 60s and 70s. This album is a follow up to Lazy Sun, the first EP released under Jillinda Palmer and it likens in the sense that it doesn’t follow one particular genre of music, rather spans across genres in a smooth fun way. HillnDale goes from Singer-Songwriter, to Nillson-esque 60’s pop to Reggae. All of the songs are co-written by Joe and Jillinda along with friend and collaborator Dave (Mustang) Lang. Many other J+J musician friends contributed their talents to this album including, writing, arranging, and of course in classic J+J style, playing many different instruments. For booking inquiries please contact joejillinda@gmail.com Website: www.joejillinda.com

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