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    J Fallon has returned to the music scene with a new style that has peoplethe talking about how catchy; delightful; inspiring and intoxicating it is. J Fallon has been song writing, performing and recording his music throughout QLD, on and off over the last decade. Over the past 12 months, J has been busy song writing, recording his new album ‘Little Black Dress’. The first single ‘Little Black Dress’ from this album has received a lot of interest and accolades, including making the Spotify ‘#1 fan pick spot on Soul Lounge’ and ‘New Music List Friday’ in early September 2018. Growing up in North Queensland surrounded by a large Aboriginal and South Sea Islander musical family, Jay has drawn on this to produce a unique sound of Gospel, Country/Blues. J Fallon started in the music scene at a young age, when he was given his first guitar, where he learnt a few chords from an Uncle. The first band J Fallon played with tinkered around writing own song. However, it was performing in front of people that J Fallon found his love of performing, which then lead him to song writing as a way of expressing how you feel. J Fallon’s Discography 2000 Closer 2006 Songs from an Acoustic Heart 2007 Open House Worship (Producer/Songwriter) 2012 I’m in Love with You (single) 2015 Into these Arms (single) 2016 Unbreak (single) 2017 Bring Me Down (single) 2018 Little Black Dress

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