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    RnB & HipHop music has been part of the soul of Jey Blaq (Founder & Producer of VestEd!Music) since his days as a youth. With influences ranging from Nate King Cole and Bob Marley as child... Jodeci, BoyzIIMen, Jagged Edge as a young adult... rubbing shoulders with producers Rudy M, Anthony President & Brainz Dimilo in his hometown... paying attention to producers such as Timbaland, The Neptunes, Tim & Bob and Ryan Leslie, ... (along with expanding his listening interests to liquid dub & trap, chillstep and garage)... Jey has a well rounded sense of the vibes of today and yesteryear. ​​Jey has (following a 5 year hiatus to start a family), reconnected with his love of musical creation. Captivated by the details in music and sound recording, Jey has developed a connection between the creation of sound and capturing it for future consumption, believing that music unlocks emotional pathways which creates and enhances ones memories. ​VestEd!Music was spawned by the desire to connect with & and inVest young musical creators. Growing up prior to the days of the internet and global social media connections, Jey did not have as many opportunities to liaise with co-creators to help push his musical dream to the next level... therefore he now finds it important to give back to the community. ​Bringing his brand of rnb/hiphop, (which he has dubbed as "Ambiesoul") and working with some incredible up & coming talents (both on the local and international stage) Jey looks forward share his music with you all!

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 Music unlocks emotion...and creates memories 

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