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    A video/film composer since 1987, Jessica Locke holds a Master’s Degree from New England Conservatory of Music. She wrote the music for the critically acclaimed PBS series “Visionaries”, “Race to the Moon” for American Experience, "Ballroom Fever", and has won over 15 major film festival awards for her projects, as well as two Tellys and the Crystal Award of Excellence. She has also arranged and composed for the Bose Corporation. An accomplished singer, she has performed professionally in Boston for over 20 years. Jessica also serves as Executive Director of the Jessica Locke Firefighters Fund (www.firefightersfund.org), a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing financial and medical rehabilitative support to firefighting personnel. Her personal memoir, Rescue at Engine 32, is an historical document of her volunteer experiences after September 11th, 2001 in a NYC firehouse, and is used as a fundraiser to continue her work with these extraordinary first responders.

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