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    STAVOS MAMMONIAN..... is a fictitious name used by electronic music producer, Jesse Kleinpeter, based in the United States.   The name comes from a character in the 1974 British comedy "Percy's Progress", aka "It's Not The Size That Counts", played by VINCENT PRICE.   Although this was not a typical role for Price, (Stavos was an Aristotle Onassis-styled tycoon Greek Shipping Magnate that was a wheelchair-bound billionaire) it was his love for art that guided him to take the part.   This laid the foundation for the musical art project that unfolded as a creative outlet for an ex radio DJ, photographer, and self-proclaimed artist who loves Music and Film.   The music of Stavos Mammonian blends together different forms of Electronic, Ambient and Dance instrumentals that were created with the vision that they could be used in video and artistic film settings to help set the scene. Each title is a reference inspired by VINCENT PRICE. www.StavosMusic.com

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 Electronic. Ambient. Dance Music... For the love of Art & Film.