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    Pooh was born in Mississippi but grew up in Texas. Music has always been around him and his family. Pooh was raised by hip hop and R&B. Denton is where he is recognized as an athlete from track to football. The coaches, schoolmates, teachers and family members werent only shocked but adamant that he pursued his career as a athlete. He always wrote about his pain and took it out on the field. When he had his two beautiful babies he made it his priority to share his pain and bandaid it by righting and writing using music and action. Being strong physically, mentally and now verbally he has channelled his hidden talent and passion verbally due to the hardship and direction. As he would say anyone can write and rhyme. But his peers notice whats different about him as a upcoming artist his pull of emotion with melody.

 Staying sucker free in a world full of lolipops 

  • Come Up (Prod. J-rich)