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    Jeremy's love affair with acoustic songwriting began in his teenage years. First picking up a guitar when he was 13, it wasn't until Jeremy discovered the lyrically driven, melancholic songwriting of bands like Idlewild that he fell for guitar music. Jeremy found an affinity at University for singer-songwriters such as Damien Rice and began experimenting with the craft. An insecurity over his abilities and a lack of life experience meant it would be many years before his songwriting would mature. During his 20s, Jeremy pursued an international career as a geoscientist, working, living and travelling across four continents. A restless adventurer at heart, Jeremy took time off to ride a bicycle from the Uk to India alone and unsupported in his mis 20s, an experience that can to this day be heard in his lyrics and outlook on life. It wasn't until his late 20s that his development as a songwriter began to flourish. In his early 30s Jeremy wrote and played around the world, honing his experience and released his first album of original work '32nd Orbit' to Spotify in February 2018.

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 Lyrically driven multi-genre singer-songwriter