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    INSTRUMENTALIST, TENOR, BARITONE, BASS, ALTO (ON A GOOD DAY), SONGWRITER, ARRANGER, PRODUCER I have been Involved with making or Singing Music since the age of 11. I was trained early as a Vocalist in Church. After discovering that I had a natural talent for harmonizing, and a broad range for my age, the Instructors taught me proper stage etiquette, proper breathing and proper enunciating of a vocal line. I then took it upon myself to stay with music and I taught myself the Guitar, the flute, the Bass. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was not able to continuously stay with music over the years however, I recently regained my incentive to make music and began keyboards. I returned to Church joining Trinity Baptist in Los Angeles with the choir singing Tenor and Baritone. I studied at Pasadena City College in the Commercial Music program under various instructors, one of which was Mr. David Joyce, former employee of legend Burt Bacharach. Mr. Joyce found me Quick, Articulate, and profound on the subject of Songwriting. I also studied under Alfred Surenyan and Dan Cole who both taught various aspects of ProTools. The Instructors found that I had a natural feel for correctly scoring string and song arrangements in Protools. While continuing my education I moved my skills to the DAW Podium Free, the only free DAW I found that can rival the functions of Protools. I'm currently working on new music for release and will be returning to school to enhance my music making skills further within film. @Lyles_j

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