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    Filled with emotion and colorful lyrics, Jennifer’s music is both introspective and profoundly spiritual. The lyrics describe a story, an event or a moment in time, woven into multiple layers and resonating on many levels. Her voice is, in one moment vulnerable and intimate, in the next pure strength and power. Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, Jennifer started out on the violin, later adding piano as her main instrument. She studied at Berklee College of Music before heading westward to pursue music. Jennifer’s music has been featured in film and television including “Go or It!” (Lions Gate / Spark Hop Prods) "Kejar Amerika" and "Solid Cover". Television : “Dawnson’s Creek”, MTV's "Undressed", A&E’s “Biography”, LOGO’s “Coming Out Stories” and “Elephant in The Room”, PBS’ “History Detectives” and “Real Simple Eden is the fifth studio album from Jennifer Parsignault. It is the result of a three year journey.

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