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    Chronox, as a producer of electronic music, developed a musical path inspired by science, society and the beauty of space. Each composition is made with and idea around these subjects, and a visual representation allready in mind. As a fan of 3D and VR technology, Chronox is experimenting with different options to build his show. As a new , fresh songwriter since august 2015 and with 10 years of experience as a motion design artist, Chronox feeds his musical inspiration trough a visual perspective. For his first EP Voyager, he studied hundred’s of Nasa clips, pictures and documents about their space programs as a guide and translated them into a an electronic EP of four numbers. The atmosphere of his tracks is inspired by artists like Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre, Jan Hammer, to name a few ‘synthesizer legends’, but also by artists like Kavinsky and Justice.

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