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    This author is passionate about music and guitar is probably his Pet. He sometimes saves time only to be with his Pet. Also, it takes a second to put something in black and white whenever something attracts this author and subjects and themes for this seem to be ubiquitous to pick. Nevertheless, even a lizard is sometimes quicker than me when I m stuck to a story. The Black Box that accelerates the speed of his story probably contains the ability to give shape to any story. And he is humiliated to be a ChatterBox by some of his acquaintances while other finds him to be their Aesop. - Composer(Music) - Lyricist - Working As A Lead Vocalist At “NaamHeen”. - Guitarist - Screenplay Writing At “Golper Haat” Screenplay Development House. - Currently Working On An Art Film (The Mime Actor) & Creating Ideas For Short Film. - Photography (Amateur).