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    Life long multi-instrumental musician composer whom currently is a recording artist producing a type of music called electroglyph, spontaneous compositions geared towards the information communicated from song title and cover art selected or composed by the artist. William has performed with many ensembles such as ant man bee, st, monday, the pat sajak assassins, and the brian sullivan quartet. He has been jazzresin since 1996 when he first started as a DJ with the shattered discotheque. He has worked many years teaching private lessons to all ages on numerous instruments. Along with a degree in music education he is degreed and board certified music therapist specializing in work with adult hospital psychiatric patients. His career as music therapist was cut short due to chronic lyme disease. He has adapted to new opportunities through his experiments and recordings using Apple iOs ipad technology. He is able to produce, engineer, compose, perform, mix all the while performing the logistics of being a record label, sharing social media, public relations, and working with distributors to have his music available from all major stores. His music can be described as an adventurous journey through unheard sci-fi soundtracks of a musician unafraid. capable improvising through virgin sonic territory. Besides music Bill enjoys collecting and dealing fine art and antiques and had many adventures with urban archaeology. He is an avid fan of progressive science fiction by authors like Phillip K. Dick, William Gibson, Thomas Pynchon, and William S. Burroughs.

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 electroglyph experimental DiY sci-fi ‘do it or die’ compositions for all your soundtracks and memetic intent