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    It's said being SELFMADE is about being successful of your own efforts while being a RENEGADE is about not being afraid to pave your own lane. Everything I know about producing music is self taught. I had to learn and guide myself with no help, which runs parallel with my personal life. Ive also never been afraid to go against the grain or take chances in my artistic or personal life. I will always do my own thing before I follow the crowd. The same can be said for my musical sound and individual style, having its roots and inspiration from the city of Atlanta, GA. Influenced by the sounds of classic Atlanta Rap and Trap music along with influence from modern day Heavy Bass Rave music. Its a unique concoction of the southern struggle dipped into a futuristic potion like substance. A synthesis intended for the RENEGADE in all of us. The rebels, outlaws and outcasts. Those of us in tune with the moment but with eyes set on the edge of the horizon. The ones with no place to call home or a group to call their own, that's who I make my music for.

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