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    A long time fan and lover of Hip-Hop, and music in general, J. Billz began this love of music in the 4th grade by learning how to play various musical instruments, including the drums, clarinet and alto-saxaphone. As a youngster growing up in the 80’s with the transition of older smooth melodies and love-making songs that produced his generation, Billz encompasses that era, with the self-expression, self-conscience Hip-Hop music of the late 80’s – 90’s into his tracks. His early musical influences range from Marvin Gaye, James Brown and John Coltrane to Tupac, Ghostface Killah, and Jay-Z, among way too many other talented 80’s – current Hip-Hop artists and producers that he’s enjoyed listening to. This accounts to the wide variety of hard-hitting bass-lines, subtle melodies, popping snares and dazzling futuristic sound effects heard throughout his tracks! Bringing forth good quality music is the goal and J. Billz will be sure to continue to provide tis with his hard work and dedication to "producing" that sound that outlasts the generations! Hope you enjoy the music!

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