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    Born in 1983 in Zagreb.?Attended the Elly Bašic music school where he studied music theory and piano. After high school he took various workshops in Groznjan organized by Jeunesses Musicales Croatia, where he was introduced to jazz music, which then took him to the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz, Austria. He graduated on the jazz department in 2006. Being versatile as he is, Janko has played everything from jazz gigs to rock arenas to experimental electronica, all the while retaining an unique style. He has appeared on various recordings of original music and has contributed on a lot of music for theater and movies. He is composing and producing his own music and one of his tunes was released on the compilation of electronic music ‘Dancing Bear Lounge 08’.?He played with a number of musicians and artists from around the world: Hans Joachim Roedelius, Alan Broadbent, Ed Neumeister, Miles Griffith, David Murray, Adrienne West, Gaynel Hodge (The Platters), Andy Middleton, Fritz Pauer, Tamara Obrovac, Fine Noize, Zoran Madžirov, Elvis Stanic, Matija Dedic, Saša Nestorovic, Boško Petrovic, Arsen Dedic, HGM Big Bang, HRT Big Band and many others. In 2011 he was part of the European Jazz Orchestra tour through Scandinavian countries, led by Jere Laukkanen. 2008 to 2013 he was drummer for the famous croatian group The Beat Fleet. In collaboration with Elvis Penava he leads a jazz group Satellite and he works on a solo project of electronic music called Strobelyx, both for which he writes original music. The main project he leads from 2014 is Kozmodrum, a studio project where Novoselic writes his music and performes it live with an ensemble. He lives in Zagreb, Croatia.

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