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    The Jetset Mindset (real name: Jamie Kerr Mindkite) is an Author, entrepreneur, mental wellbeing expert and motivational keynote speaker. born on May 20, 1985, in Glasgow, Scotland. He is Best Selling Author, Global Mental Wellbeing Expert, Success Strategist & Screenwriter. Jamie Kerr is the UK’s Leading Success Strategist, Global Mental Wellbeing Expert, Performance Mentor, Mindset Coach, 2x Best Selling Author, Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Screenwriter, the Founder of MindKite and has spent over a decade working within psychology and mental wellbeing, dedicating his time to delivering his own unique style of mindset coaching derived from NLP, CBT, Psychology, Executive Coaching and Life Coaching methods. Mentored by the world’s Foremost Motivational Speaker Les Brown, Jamie is an inspirational speaker in a class of his own. Jamie has a wealth of knowledge on mental wellbeing, mindset and business, he has mentored and coached over 1000 people, racking up 20,000+ hours in assisting people to achieve, wealth, success, business growth, strengthened relationships and improved mindsets.

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