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    James Anthony Walker began his formal studies in music composition at Boston University, and later as a Graduate Teaching Fellow and founding Director of the Computer Music Studio at The University of Chicago. While his musical style has evolved well beyond that of those early years, he still finds it a distinct honor to have studied with a number of Pulitzer Prize winners, as well as many gifted mentors along the way since. An ordained InterFaith/InterSpiritual Minister, today he blends his musical vision, his over 10 years of research into generative techniques, and his spirituality … into music that has been highly acclaimed for use with meditation, relaxing ambient environments, sound healing and therapy for the sleep-deprived. Together with life partner Constance McClain, he is co-founder of Oasis of the Heart, an inclusive InterSpiritual ministry without walls. In the last year, just a small sampling of his music has enjoyed over 1,500,000 hours of play within the global meditation community.

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 Music for a tired planet in need of healing.