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    Jamar N. S. Thomas, staged as "JaeMar", born on March 28, 1989, began his entertainment career as a dancer and became a YouTube sensation almost overnight by emulating the choreography to the latest dance stylings from a few of his favorite, iconic artists...one being his idol, Ciara Harris (Ciara). "JaeMar", began to put his feelings toward the game on paper and wrote a variety of songs ranging genres from pop to rock, R&B and everything in between; and in doing so, grabbed the attention of many underground and indie label artists all over. In doing so he embarked on writing, producing and marketing his first solo project; his virgin album entitled, 'Came To Win' which has a few features, one being on the title song, "Came To Win" in which he takes a dance production and adds a hip hop flare to the track to set fire to the dance floor. The high anticipation from his fan base has already catapulted him on the underground charts and on local radios...and now the heightened growth from his debut single has the fans wanting more...

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