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    Jaime Silverstone began playing piano at age six, and guitar at 15. After completing two years of Music Theory courses and graduating from Dulles High School near Houston, he attended The University of Texas at Austin and earned a B.S. in Radio Television Film. During his college years, he played with several professional bands including Ontourage, Nightwalker and Supply and Demand. He has been singing and writing songs since around age 16, but only after cutting his teeth on numerous "sucky songs" (his exact words!), did he begin to write songs that he felt were worthy of an audience's collective ear. You can hear some of those songs here: "Last Chance" was penned collectively with Nightwalker (Steve Hall on Bass, Jack Hunter on Guitars, Meko Radomski on Drums, Jaime Silverstone on Vocals and Guitars and Chris White on Keyboards). This band went on to perform in Houston Texas and the surrounding areas while writing more songs such as "Ritual." Later, Silverstone moved back to Austin Texas to join "Supply and Demand" where he wrote more songs including "Somewhere," "Keep the Feelings," "Thinking of You" and "In The End." I invite you to listen to some of his old songs here. We hope that you enjoy what you hear! Drop us a line if you have any comments or suggestions. Best Wishes, Jaime Silverstone ☮

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