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    Hi, first I’ll like to apologise for not putting up any personal photos here but each time I tried to take a picture my phone exploded, I can’t figure out why, I decided to give you artwork connected to my projects instead... In short I’m a Composer, Author, Poet, Artist & Inventor which I figure should compensate for the similarities in what occurs when lenses including those owned by humans fixates on me... Please feel free to explore my music or soundtrack to books I’ve written, I’m fond of composing an EP/Album for every book I write, I’ve won a Gold award for my first book “Somewhere Enchanted” which can be purchased practically everywhere... I intend to release a few albums in 2020, hopefully, some with vocals included, all depends on if I make any money from these beats I have on here.... thanks for reading my irrelevant rant... have a melodious day...peace Website coming soon: www.jftauthor.com

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  • "God Is The Only Hero"
  • "Rock The Flock Up"
  • "Culinary Edibles (Bass Delight V1)"