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    Coming up on the tough streets of Harlem, Jah Boogie (also known as B) name came from living on the upper east side along with my love and passion for music, where there weren’t many opportunities that were given to a young rapper. Despite my pure natural talent for rap making beats was the first of many things I started to do. At times I never really took my artistry seriously more than I did beat making, I always thought that I wasn’t any good until my friends and family told me I should start rapping, so as time went by and I sat and started writing, I thought to myself “let me try to make my first song” and so I did. Now as a rap artist and beat maker, I bring a smooth unique sound along with Hip Hop, R&B and Trap and many more other sounds when it comes to making beats, but as a rap artist I bring a different sound and different flavor to catch the fans ears, so “if you can dream big, you can win big.”

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 Hi, I'm Jah Boogie and this is J.B. Production 

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