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    Jack walker has had 50 years experience in Music Ministry and the entertainment industry . The years from 1975 to 2004 he served as Director of Worship and Music at Brentwood Presbyterian Church. He has conducted everything from Bach to Rutter with chorus and orchestra. He is a composer of over twenty published Choral works and scored over 100 Christian Movies. At Brentwood Presbyterian in 1975, he established with the Pastor, Spencer Marsh, one of the first blended worship services. He was the Worship Leader, leading from the piano. During the next 10 years the congregation grew from 500 to 1400 congregants. He has appeared on national television, most notably "The Hollywood Palace," and recorded with Dot, Mercury, Imperial and Nico Records as a solo artist. He has written four Broadway style musicals and literally hundreds of songs. He currently resides in Santa Monica with his wife, Ruth and daughter, Kelsey.

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