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    Multi-Instrumentalist, performing artist and composer from Seattle, WA in the USA. I play the Flute and all Saxes. Now based in Berlin, Germany. Performed with Red Garland as part of his quartet in the early 80's. For the past 3 years, I have been developing the musical genre called Hip Hop Jazz. In this genre, I play the Flute and all saxes with a Smooth Jazz style while using typical hip hop rhythms and effects for background and accompaniment. The music ranges from chill to dance to party, and appeals to a wide listener age range from 12 - ? Hip Hop Jazz compositions are now being played on a regular basis on a minimum of 4 Internet radio and TV stations globally, including: USA - New Mexico - based station - Radio Indie Free Form. Contact - Dawn Martinez. The link is at http://riffradio.zohosites.com/ Canada - Kingston, Ontario - based station - Kingston 108 Indie. Contact - Randy Skaggs. The link is at http://q108kingstonindie.com/ Europe - Marseille, France - based station, TSRV Indie. RIFF Free Form. Contact - Philippe E. Maille. The Link is at https://therisingstarventures.com/index.php/trsv-radio-station.html TIDE - Monaco, Hamburg, Germany -based Radio and TV station. Contact - Cosmo du Mont. His link is at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008291020426

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