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    Hey there I'm Isaac Kgatle ( Eyez Da King) from Gauteng Soshanguve age 24 so basically I'm not just a rapper I'm a creative I believe in creating not just art through music but through my lifestyle as well, the way I do my music is more than the average person does because my music is more odd and I feel that in that way shows a unique and deeper feel to what an artist or a real hip-hop artist can be, I believe in broadening my horizons so I do not box myself in just one way of doing music I believe a good artist is able to absorb all that is around him or her and produce a hit irregardless of what the genre is. I pride myself in being that person and I can be that person for you I've already have videos out on YouTube just such Eyez Da King or Google search the name Eyez Da King for more music and videos. I hope to hear from you soon have a blessed one.

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