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    iiviivix likes to create stuff. The name is only for your eyes where as the music is for your ears. If you wish to say the name aloud, you must spell it out or come up with your own nickname. The album love&life (available on all digital music platforms) is an unmastered demo album created to showcase the evolution of iiviivix and his search for a unique style of rap. The album was recorded entirely on an old iphone5 without spending a single cent for its production and distribution, with hopes to inspire other artists to step up and start creating things too. iiviivix has laid down strict rules that he won't record a studio album until someone pays to make it happen. In the meantime, you can find iiviivix experimenting with music at live gigs around the world and uploading demo's onto Allihoopa.com & his SoundCloud playground Listen to the new tracks here: www.soundcloud.com/iiviivix Follow @iiviivix on instagram & twitter www.facebook.com/iiviivix.art www.allihoopa.com/iiviivix

  • Steven Universe
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  • Icey Everytime Ft Azaee
  • U Know
  • Out Of The Box (freestyle)
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  • Nah (Sketch)
  • Tribute To Allihoopa