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    I am a Dubstep/Trap producer from the UK. Hi to all fellow friends, Kats and galaxians,my name is GK432 ( known as Ian here on Earth),i have only recently arrived on earth again after being away in the galaxies.While travelling around the galaxies for the last twenty years or so i gained insight into music past present and future,i don't have to tell you but i will,the future of music is totally mind blowing and still out of our concept for us to understand,our all being depends on music,you could say music is our purpose as humans to discover its majicK and use its powers to evolve and elevate the human consciousness. The Beats are taking over and soon instruments will be items found in museums and looked upon in a nostalgic,a little like the silent movie,why play one instrument when you can play them all,call it evolution,it may sound harsh but its just the future. I have been writing,performing,producing music all over the Galaxy for some time and have picked up some great skills from all the fellow Kats,humans,aliens along the way,i have been a rock star a country star a soul man and a raver,i have been a hippie a punk and a liberator,for so long i was lost in the galaxy chasing a dream that didn't exist and was never a reality. For those who don't believe in magic of any kind then i am here to prove it really does exist,from i have gained the skills to make my own beats master them and set up my own network,website and business since the closing of the lions gate all with the help of only the beats themselves,now that is modern day magic if i ever saw it. Not only have i been working 24/7 on making beats and building a catalogue of beats i will now be giving them all away for free,the journey has just started so ride along with me and lets see were it takes us all.....Peace and Love brothers and sisters GK432 GK432 is the brainchild of songwriter/producer Ian Robo Robinson from Kingston upon Hull City of culture 2017,it came about with the celebration of the city's culture and GK432 want to represent the great dance scenes that have hit our small city over the last 30 years or so from the early days of break dancing/hip-hop in the early 80's to the rave scene explosion from over the pond back in 1988 which spread to Manchester then all over the North of England. Now here we are in the future with the new future sounds hitting the airwaves and blowing speakers and ear drums all over the USA and the UK all over again,i am glad to present to you GK432 dubstep warriors from the Galactic Federation,watch out for all future releases in 2018 and whats left of 2017.

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 Dubstep/Trap producer