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    iNFLiKT was born and raised in Lawrence, MA. Growing up in this budding hip-hop scene, he honed his skills on the MPC with his production and behind the mic with his rhymes. Living on the East Coast in the 90's, much of his sound was influenced by artists like Wu-Tang, Mobb Deep, Nas, Biggie & Jay Z. Since growing up in this mini-Boston ghetto, iNFLiKT's music approach has expanded over the years, but has remained consistent with his own unique hip-hop flavor. After working with artists from other genres and different backgrounds, he now has a more well-rounded appreciation for music beyond his upbringing, while maintaining a connection with his childhood influences. Numerous variations of Rock, Reggae, R&B and Pop have since seeped into iNFLiKT's blood stream. Graduating from seminary and studying world religions & philosophy has transformed his lyrical content, empowering him with a broader perspective on daily life. With these divergent experiences, we now have the distinct amalgam that is iNFLiKT.

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